Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Natural Ant Killer

Killing ants is something you may feel you need to do if you have an infestation on your property. However using chemicals might not be something that you like the idea of using. Lots of people prefer to find natural alternatives whenever possible when it comes to ant pest control. Luckily there are options available to you which allow you to get rid of ants but in a more natural way.

For instance, cucumber might be very tasty to us humans but to an ant they are simply disgusting, particularly the peel of cucumber. If you want to deter the ants from entering your home, what you need to do is locate where they are coming in as any tend to use the same path over and over again. All you have to do is place a pile of cucumber peels in this area and it should hopefully be enough to deter the ants from coming back.

Although you don't want to share your home with these ants, it doesn't necessarily mean you want to kill them or use harsh and toxic chemicals which are environmentally unfriendly. There is mounting evidence to show that such chemicals are really bad for both animals and humans.

There are many types of ants that can cause a nuisance of themselves in your home and one of the most dreaded is the fire ant. If you wall rid of them you will need to track down the fire ant queen and kill her. What you need to do is sprinkle instant grits onto the nest just before you know it's going to rain. The workers will think that the grit is suitable food for her but when she eats it the grit will expand in her stomach and kill her. The idea is that with the queen out of the way, the rest of the fire ant colony will die.

Another technique is to use Diatomaceous earth which will kill ants along with other insects. It's basically the fossil remains of single celled creatures called diatoms. They have very sharp surfaces and they cut through the cuticle of the ant causing it to die of dehydration. It's important that you only use this in the area where the ants are because you will also kill other insects you might not want to kill.

Lemon Tea Tree is an essential oil which has natural ant-bacterial properties and also has a very refreshing lemon scent to it. For getting rid of ants, it's very natural, effective and also safe. The oil can be used to create an ant spray which you can make by mixing about 50 drops of lemon tea tree into a spary bottle of about 32 ounces of water. Shake the bottle well and then spray in all the areas that the ants have been using. You should also use it for cleaning your kitchen which will hopefully prevent the ants from entering.

Boric acid is another natural and also cheap method of ant extermination because it's completely deadly to them. You can easily find boric acid in drug stores and it's simply a whit powder that doesn't smell of anything. The reason they are so effective for killing ants is because it causes their nervous system to shut down causing them to dehydrate.

Hopefully these ideas will be enough in preventing ants from taking up residence in your property, whether it's fire ants, carpenter ants or any other type for that matter.. Ants are such as nuisance but there is no need to be cruel about it and use products which can harm the environment and other innocent creatures. A natural ant remedy is very much possible.


myrimy said...

Thanks! can't wait to try it. we cleaned and cleaned right before we went out of town, and the first thing that welcomes us back is an army of ants! so irritating since we live in big apt complex and need stop ants from coming into our unit.

Elly said...

I had the same problem and add roaches to that and NOTHING and I mean NOTHING killed them not even Boric Acid...UNTIL I added red cayenne pepper to the powder. BINGO it kills every spider, roach, bug, fly, bee etc.. in the house or outdoors.

Used it inside the house and it got rid of them one by one until they were all gone.

This works on ants too. I had tried boric acid with jelly, mixed it with white powdered sugar to no avail..but add that cayenne pepper and they hate it and it does not bother me or my husband at all.

Hope this helps you too.

fredric said...

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jeremy said...

I definitely need it. What i like is its more natural.
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Negi said...

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Gift said...

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